CallGraph enables graphical analysis of program call relations and flow sequencing. Also enables exploration of extended class inheritance hierarchies.

Call-path analysis and class hieararchy resolution are performed using the JDT platform Search and Call Hierarchy mechanisms.

Sequence diagrams are generated from a static analysis of of the JDT platform AST for any selected class or method.

Uses Zest as the graphics visualization engine.

Screen Shots

CallGraph Flow
Figure 1: Visualizing call relations

CallGraph Hierarchy
Figure 2: Visualizing an inheritance heirarchy

Sequence Diagram
Figure 3: Sequence diagram


  • In a JDT Editor or the Outline view, right click on a method or class name.
  • For CallGraph Flow, select CallGraph -> Add Callees or Add Callers.
  • For CallGraph Hierarchy, select CallGraph -> Add Supertypes or Add Subtypes.
  • For Sequence Diagram, select Sequence Diagram.
  • The CallGraph and Sequence Diagram views will open automatically as appropriate.
  • In the CallGraph view, right click on method nodes to further explore individual branches of the call graph.


  • Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) on Java 8 VM
  • Eclipse Zest Visualization Toolkit 1.7


Eclipse Public License v1.0